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We Are Evolving

The Awakening

Everyone is feeling it.

Our world is going through a huge transformation that many have dubbed as a “mass awakening”. Old paradigm systems and structures are crumbling and what used to work is no longer serving the planet and her children.

More than ever before, people are “waking up” to the reality of being sovereign creators with the power to live their life by conscious design rather than by default. The increasing demand for mindfulness practices to ground the intensity of this transformation is only growing.

You are far more than you have been ever told.

You are a magical being with powers and abilities that have been denied and suppressed for over a millennia. The time has come for us to rise as One planet, and ultimately One cosmos.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.
Together we are Rising In Love!

My Story

Evolutionary Guide | Transformational Doula | AstroNavigatrix
Alexandra Mathews

Aloha Beautiful Being of Light,

Four years ago I made the hardest and best choice of my life: I left a twin flame. He was my first love. We had met when I was 17 and I thought for sure we were going to be together forever. We shared nearly seven years together before we finally brought our romantic relationship to a completion. That’s a nice way of saying it, haha, or more accurately I could say… before the catalytic forces of the universe threw our complacent butts into the fire of transformation forcing us to evolve or else!

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  • Alexandra is a gift. She has guided me through the toughest times in my life, she found the clarity and the reason in my chaos, and she is unlike anybody in the world. I think she was put on this earth to help people heal, truly and deeply. She understands the soul like no other. I am so grateful to her for the work we did together, she has profoundly improved my life and my relationship with myself. If you’re hurting and you can’t understand why, talk to her. If you are missing something from your life but cannot put your finger on it, she will help you find it. If you want to explore and expand your spiritual practice, she will help lift you up to the next plane. She listened to me in a way I have never experienced and spoke to me with such clarity. It still blows me away.

    Ourhay Shamoon
    Global Distribution Manager at MilliporeSigma
  • Alexandra is an incredibly wise woman with a passion for people and an intuition that can pinpoint the heart of any challenge. Within one session, she enabled me to dive deep within myself and when I encountered the roots of my pain and fear, she held space with such solidity and grace that I felt safe in a way I cannot describe in words. I have been heavily immersed in the self-development community for many years, as well as honing my own intuition, and defining my spiritual path. I have come to understand that a good coach is an essential component of expediting personal transformation. Alexandra goes far beyond good – she is truly transcendent! When you are ready, she can help to awaken your soul to it’s true purpose, give structure to the physical in an applicable way, and gently guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself. My time with her always yields great insights that continue to flow through me long after we have parted ways. She is far more than a coach, she is a soul-unleasher! And her work speaks for itself.

    Athena Dawn
    Singer, Mother & Mystic
  • What a blessing this goddess is. I was excited to find out she was visiting back in town and felt compelled to get her to do an energy healing. I felt so at ease with her and was able to talk and release my worries, fears, and need for healing my limiting beliefs. Her insights are on point and thought provoking. She guided me into meditation and used beautiful modalities to assist her in the session. It was so awakening and I love the use of her voice vibrations, tuning forks, and Tibetan bowl. I am now more committed to my healing journey after this release and energy attunement.

    Beth Pellish
    Interior Decorator at Wallpaper Worlds Interior
  • My vocal toning body session with Alexandra was frankly more powerful than I expected it to be. I thought it would be a nice relaxing experience, and it was, but it was also a blast off, full release, healing, wonderful experience. I highly recommend her. She also gives the best motivational cheerleading pep talks when you are down… like really magically reframing. I definitely recommend her services.

    Scott Ba
    Intimacy & Sex Coach
  • Alexandra has a warm and intuitive nature and we were able to do our sessions over the phone. In a very short time Alexandra firmly and gently pointed out my negative thought loops that were holding me back. She works effectively to help you manage your pain and conquer your fears. We did some breathing and yoga exercises in the privacy of my home. Her soothing voice, fluid pace and her experienced guidance led me to heal physical and emotional pain faster than I would’ve in a traditional class or therapy. Loved working with her!!!

    Bridget Daehler
    Photographer, Artist & Mother
  • I’ve known Alexandra for a few years and I finally got to experience a healing session with her called “Peace Process”.
    It was an eye opening experience. Alexandra’s gentle voice guided me to a realization of where I hold myself back from valuing myself, my gifts and pricing my offerings accordingly. I was able to quickly move any stagnant energy in my body by just simply resting my awareness there. It’s such a simple and powerful way to heal and transform. I feel more confident and empowered to create high end offerings, knowing how much value I bring to people.

    Kristina Block
    Artist, Dancer & Founder of Mindful Models
  • I came to Alexandra for support with blocks where I was in resistance around connecting with women where there is a mutual attraction. This resistance has kept me from being as fully present as I would desire.
    In our session Alexandra helped me to uncover and clear these old blocks that were causing the resistance. Now that these blocks are cleared, I feel freed up to be me, present, loving and open hearted. Since working with Alexandra, I am open to being in a relationship again after a such a long time of resistance. It feels like something easy to explore and I am attracting it! Thank you Alexandra!

    David Hipshman
    Life Coach
  • Alexandra comes with love, presence, and understanding. She is simultaneously as strong as the deepest roots and softer than the lightest summer breeze! You can trust her with your deepest thoughts knowing she will honor and guide you through a journey to your own personal healing.

    Daryl Henderson
    Artist, Visionary, & Community Weaver
  • I highly recommend Alexandra. I believe she’s a person who’s truly found her calling in life. After only one session I felt much more open and grounded. I felt safe to be very vulnerable and honest with her. She helped me to dive deep and move through some pretty intense emotions. She is a skilled, intuitive healer and an all around good person with a very compassionate heart. I look forward to sessions with her and I know you will too.

    Brenda Maki
    Artist, Dancer & Hair Stylist

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