So… you’re ready to activate your inner queen?

Inspirational Soul Coaching

Rising In Love Soul Coaching is based on bringing you back into alignment with your naturally gorgeous authentic self.
We will focus on cultivating a personal daily practice inclusive of:
 ♥ meditation ♥
 ♥ self-inquiry ♥
 ♥ gratitude practice ♥
♥ self-care ♥
♥ movement ♥
♥ breath work ♥
♥ vocalization ♥
♥ play ♥
We will examine all areas of your life including self, health, career, relationships, creativity, sexuality and spirituality. I will assist you in assessing your current experience of yourself and your life. We will then look to what you would like to be experiencing and gently begin to transform your life with ease, grace and play!


More on Soul Coaching

A being operating from their highest potential is unmistakable. They are vibrant, inspiring and unstoppable. Everyone wants to be around them and support their visions coming into reality. Happiness is purely an inside job. Through bringing all three levels of yourself, mind-body-spirit, into full congruency and alignment with your soul’s purpose you will have an experience of yourself and life that is deliciously enjoyable and contagiously exciting and magical.

In modern society, the relationship between the spirit and the mind has become greatly unbalanced. Too often, if not exclusively, we lead with our mind rather than from our heart.. The technology of the human body was never meant to operate separate from the guidance of the soul. Through reconnecting to our soul’s original divine blueprint and its purpose for coming to Earth, we can begin to live a life that is deeply fulfilling, rooted in love, and full of grace and ease.

You are the one you have been waiting for!

Soul Coaching will provide the space for you to discover who you really are and offer you the tools to access this for yourself. We believe that if you take care of yourself, everything else in your life with take care of itself. What we mean by this is that, everything in your life is a reflection of your consciousness. Through shifting the way you perceive your experience, your experience will begin to shift. Soul Coaching will address the root of all your challenges: you. Be ready to completely transform your life from the ground up if you wish to receive this kind of coaching. We will look at all aspects of your life and work on gently restructuring your relationship to time, food, thought, speech, body, sexuality, spirituality and creativity.

Coaching Rates

$1,000 monthly @ 6 months (18 sessions)

Investment = $6,000 

Pay In Full Discount = $5,000 

All sessions are 60 minutes.


Because of the nature of this work, committing to a minimum of 6 months is recommended to give us the time to really delve deep into the heart of whatever is stopping you from living the life you’ve always wanted to live!


Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance or session is forfeit.

Exceptions made for emergencies.

Client has one year from the purchase date to use sessions.

Feel free to contact me below with any questions!