release what is ready to be released…

harmonize with your values…

create with intention…

contribute through joy…

What is SAGE ?

SAGE is an online group alchemical immersion that spans the course of 52 days, one complete “Castle”. We will be working with the Mayan Dreamspell, a Galactic Calendar, as an archetypal structure to support us in harmonizing with the universal cycles of nature. As we harmonize with nature, time becomes art, and synchronicity and abundance become the norm. We opt out of the artificial scarcity time matrix (Gregorian Calendar) where there is never enough money nor time. We reclaim our sovereignty and our birthright to be happy, healthy and fulfilled.



embodiment practices

vocal sound healing




SAGE is a safe container to support you in reorganizing your life to be in alignment with your soul values and heart’s truth.


SAGE is for you if…

-you want to live life being guided by your heart and intuition while collaborating with your mind

-you know there is something greater for you and you’re tired of playing small

-you are ready to let go of all the things that are no longer serving you, with ease and grace 😉

-you have been yearning for a deeper connection with your spirit and Source

-you want to develop a daily practice but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start

-you’ve been practicing for a long time and are ready to simplify your relationship with Spirit

-you are wanting support and accountability in living a life of integrity

-you are seeking like minded and hearted community

-you are wanting to learn more about the Mayan Dreamspell

-you desire to live in harmony with the Earth and the natural cycles of the cosmos

-you are ready to believe in yourself and live the life of your dreams


Why now?

These are potent times we are in and there is a lot of noise and distraction in the collective field. This course is designed to support you in developing your sovereignty so that you can discern and navigate the world with greater ease, grace, clarity and trust. Life is only set to get wilder as the old paradigm structures are crumbling before our very eyes. Now is the time to be rooted in your authentic power and seated on your throne, your true source of  inner author-ity.


October 24 begins a new 52 day cycle in the 260 Tzolk’in sacred calendar.

This 52 day cycle is called a “castle” and on October 24 we enter into the final castle called the “Green Castle of Enchantment”.

This Green Castle of Enchantment will complete a 260 day cycle that began on March 30, 2020.


“The Green Central Castle of Enchantment is the Court of Synchronization.

The Green Castle of Enchantment, a synchronization conducive for Earth Wizards to enact Planetary Magic.

In the Central Castle of Enchantment, which is in the center of the Time Matrix, the Human of Free Will synchronizes himself through the energy of the Enchantment and transforms himself due to the Synchronic Order of the Universal Time.

Wavespell of the Red Moon: The initial water initiates the Enchantment.
Wavespell of the White Wind: The Spirit purifies the Enchantment.

Wavespell of the Blue Eagle: The vision transforms the Enchantment.
Wavespell of the Yellow Star: The elegancy helps for the ripening of the Enchantment. “

-Maya Todorova




4 Wavespells – 5 Sessions – 1 Castle


Wavespells: Red Moon, White Wind, Blue Eagle, Yellow Star

5 Sessions: Oct. 24, Nov. 7,  Nov. 21, Dec. 5, Dec. 12

Green Castle of Enchantment: October 24 – December 12



Saturdays @ 11:11 AM PST



We will be meeting on Zoom.




$222 (includes 30 min Dreamspell reading*) 

$333 (includes 60 min Dreamspell reading*)


VENMO @ alexandra-mathews-3


(Please note SAGE when making payment.)


*Galactic Signature Readings: Discover your Mayan Oracle, your unique archetypal soulprint based on the Dreamspell. This can support you in navigating your life as you learn what you are guided by and what your strengths, challenges, hidden powers and purpose are.



I am a lover, mystic, visionary artist & creatrix, healer, writer, mentor and teacher. I work as a Soul Mentor + AstroNavigatrix helping you navigate the cosmos of your being so that you may live your most fulfilling, authentic and aligned life. My deepest passion is to help you remember who you are as a sovereign divine royal creator being capable of living a life you love manifesting all your wildest dreams. Truth + Beauty + Love are my guiding principles as I do my best to always walk in Beauty as a steward, a guardian gardener, of this sacred earth, our Home, Mama Gaia.

After learning many various healing modalities, currently I feel the most powerful gift I can offer you is to hold a safe loving space to support in listening and integrating your own soul’s wisdom. Simplicity is my ally these days as I continue to surrender to the Mystery and listen for the guidance of Great Spirit for the correct actions to take in alignment with truth and higher purpose.

May we all remember the magic of this life as a cosmic playground for us all to co-create Heaven on Earth for all beings ~ May all beings be happy & free ~ In’Lakesh & Ala K’in ~ I AM You & You ARE ME <3

~ Alexandra Mathews ~